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Anime Central to Include Wit Studio, Kinema Citrus Co. as Industry Guests at 2023 Convention

Anime Central has established itself as the premiere destination for anime and manga in the Midwest. Located outside of downtown Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., the convention has served as the most significant anime expo in the Midwestern region of the United States. Since its launch in 1998, ACen has been sponsored by the Midwest Animation Promotion Society to preserve the overwhelming fan enthusiasm around anime and manga.

Since ACen has grown significantly, it has been able to embark further on its mission of bringing fans together with guests from the Japanese and United States sectors of the anime and manga industries. They've been able to welcome leading names in international entertainment to their expo on a yearly basis, and since, have highlighted studios behind popular titles. Studios and creative talent have been featured as show floor highlights, further connecting them to dedicated fan bases. Anime Central has announced that both Wit Studio and Kinema Citrus Co. will be featured at ACen 2023.

Wit Studio, the production studio behind Spy X Family, has been announced as another industry guest set to appear at ACen 2023. Wit Studio animation producers Kazue Hayashi and Kazuki Yamanaka have been named as guests of honor and will be joined by character designer and chief animation director Kyoji Asano. Asano was one of the initial founders of Wit Studio, whose character design work is greatly recognized in series such as Psycho-Pass and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. Currently, Asano has taken on the role of chief animation director for Spy X Family. Kazue Hayashi first began her animation production career with Madhouse before joining the Wit Studio team. Hayahsi's most notable credit would be attached to Spy X Family as television series and as a movie. Wit Studio anime producer Kazuki Yamanaka is most notable for their work on Attack on Titan seasons one through three, and later Spy X Family.

Kinema Citrus has been made most popular through titles such as Made in Abyss, Revue Starlight, The Rising of the Shield Hero, the Village Bride from Star Wars: Visions, and Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress & Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress. With Them, Kinema Citrus Co. will bring their designated guests of honor Tomokatsu Nagasaku and Eiichi Koshiishi. Together, the character designer and line producer are set to present their KC - Gift of Animation Programming. The core mission of the program is to connect with international talent looking to join the anime industry, regardless of their backgrounds. Kinema Citrus Co. invites aspiring animators or curious minds about the anime industry to attend their panel.

ACen returns on May 19th to May 21, 2023. Attendee Registration for Anime Central can be found here. Any attendee who identifies as a convention runner, industry professional, anime organization runner, et cetera are encouraged to fill out the Professional Registration Form to receive a discount on their convention admission. School Groups and Service Members qualify for discounted rates on their attendance at Anime Central 2023. Those registering for a designated table in the Artist Alley or Exhibitor Hall are directed to register through the Registration Service Center after submitting applications for either region of the convention floor. Approved parties for Artist Alley and the Exhibitor Hall will receive emails detailing how to claim their badges in the Service Center. Artists, exhibitors, and panelists should not register on the Attendee Registration page.


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