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Anime Central 2023 Announces Synergy Lineup

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Nightlife and convention culture has often gone hand-in-hand. Even though the show floor has closed for the day, that doesn't mean that the excitement of the convention has to sunset right along with it. Anime Central has been known for its after-hours events including its dances and other interactive content, such as Synergy. This rave is a yearly highlight for conventiongoers who are looking for a high-energy atmosphere with live music performed by some of Japan's top DJs.

kotu, a Chicago-born Mexican music producer launched their debut track うさこ // in 2018. Their musical career launched in Tokyo, Japan, and have since been recognized as an internationally-performing artist. Throughout their career, kotu has blended the hip-hop, dance, and reggaeton genres to create their own signature sound. Joining them at Synergy is Voia, a virtual streamer and music producer who draws influences from both video games and Japanese animated movies. Voia has written music for games, produced songs for J-Pop artists, and has partaken in musical collaborations for songs appearing across entertainment media. Germany-based ANDROID52 first entered the music scene by remixing soundtracks from video games and anime. Now, he's on his way to completing his fifth studio album, NONPLUSULTRA, which anticipates a Summer 2023 release. His funk-house music has captured the interest of audiences across the United States, Europe, and Japan. Additionally, ANDROID52's work can be heard in numerous rhythm games. All Hell Breaks Loops is a Los Angeles-rooted Japanese DJ/VJ who has made a name for himself in the southern California rave community. All Hell Breaks Loops prides himself on his personal style that has taken inspiration from the Vaporwave aesthetic, Japanese doujin fan art, and elements from traditional Japanese culture.

Hailing from Scotland, TANUKI is a multi-genre musical artist whose prominence in Japan stemmed from his production of J-Core music. TANUKI has seen great success as a DJ as he's been given the opportunity to work with Riot Games on their League of Legends Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah compilation album and with Konami focusing on Bemani games such as Dance Dance Revolution and DANCERUSH STARDOM. TANUKI has additionally worked with gaming companies such as Square Enix, Capcom, and more throughout the extent of his career. Taku Takahashi has been named as one of the top DJs in Japan and has been ranked #1 in LOUD’s DJ50/50 for three consecutive years. He has produced and mixed music for international talent including Calvin Harris and others while working on productions such as Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Takahashi successfully launched Japan's first digital music station dedicated to electric and dance music, RAM RIDER has performed DJ sets internationally and has participated in songwriting, song production, and song arrangement throughout his career. Most recently, RAM RIDER established his own label, 401, while continuing to provide music for TV drama, film, and stage performance use.

Syngery will take place at Anime Central on Saturday, May 20th in the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago Grand Ballroom. ACen returns on May 19th to May 21, 2023 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. Attendee Registration for Anime Central can be found here. Any attendee who identifies as a convention runner, industry professional, anime organization runner, et cetera are encouraged to fill out the Professional Registration Form to receive a discount on their convention admission. School Groups and Service Members qualify for discounted rates on their attendance at Anime Central 2023. Those registering for a designated table in the Artist Alley or Exhibitor Hall are directed to register through the Registration Service Center after submitting applications for either region of the convention floor. Approved parties for Artist Alley and the Exhibitor Hall will receive emails detailing how to claim their badges in the Service Center. Artists, exhibitors, and panelists should not register on the Attendee Registration page.


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