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An r/NoSleep Story to be Netflix Original Horror

Netflix has acquired the rights from Matt Query's short horror story which was written as a six-part Reddit installment.

Written by Query's brother, Harrison, in conjunction with Scott Glassgold of Ground Control Entertainment, My Wife and I Bought a Ranch will leap from Reddit threads to small screens.

Harrison Query, left, and Matthew Query, right.

Originally, the story was written by Query on r/Nosleep, follows the protagonist couple Harry and Sasha as they accomplish their dream of buying a ranch in rural Idaho. After settling into their new mountain home, the pair realizes that they're not alone.

Warned by neighbors about the spirits that occupy Harry and Sasha's valley estate, they are to follow specific steps to banish these poltergeists. Harry, whose encounters become more direly gory and violent, takes them to heart as time goes on.

The first part of the series became quite popular earning over three-thousand upvotes, the 'liking' system on Reddit. The five other chapters also became a hot topic amongst those on the website.

This is the first Reddit story, or any well-popular communal network work of fiction, to be adapted from webpage to Netflix. With the author's brother behind the screenplay, and a production team already hard at work, this series will be the first of its kind for the streaming service.

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