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An 'Adventure Time' Spin-Off Has Finally Arrived

HBO Max is streaming the new iteration of Adventure Time titled “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” and they're bringing back fan-favorite characters to join in on the action.

According to the show’s trailer, BMO - that’s right: the adorable gaming machine - has crash-landed on a doomed alien world on the brink of destruction. Will his time spent with Finn and Jake be enough to help him save this new world? “Return to the Land of Ooo and beyond,” the HBOMax website reads, “this series explores the unseen corners of [the Adventure Time series] with characters both familiar and brand new.” BMO is not alone in this journey, “joined by Y5, a nervous teenage rabbit, and Olive, a broken-down droid, BMO and his team of unlikely heroes step up to save an alien world in this epic first installment!”

The website gives insight into who BMO is as well as the supporting cast. “Y5 is a teen scientist rabbit living on a failing space station called The Drift. Her idea of friendship is objectively observing others from a distance and is a bit of an introvert. She meets up with BMO and “the very fate of The Drift may rely on Y5 trusting BMO, throwing herself into the action, and listening to her heart. Even if it means getting into trouble.”

Olive, on the other hand, is “a silent, shape-shifting service droid. [He] is exactly the multi-purpose sidekick that BMO needs on his mission.” An interesting cast to be sure, though that’s not all. The website does mention one other character who is not seen in the trailer nor mentioned in the show’s description. The mysterious Mr. M who “at first, seems like a suspicious dude who doesn’t have BMO’s best interests at heart. But first impressions are often misleading. Right?”

Hopefully, we’ll see some more familiar faces on BMO’s journey to save The Drift. Are you excited about a brand new era of Adventure Time silliness and heartfelt storytelling or are you skeptical of the new show fearing it may not have the same touch without Finn and Jake being the titular main characters? Let us know below and be sure to check out “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” available now on HBO Max.

By Nicholas James

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