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4 Pieces of Must-Buy C2E2 2022 Merch That Can't Be Found Anywhere Else

Conventions have been likened to the concept of a "rummage sale without a place to sit," and while there are hundreds of vendors determined to secure a deal on the main floor, picking up licensed merchandise is another way to add to memories made. ReedPop has introduced creatively enticing merchandise to their 2022 storefront. These limited-time commemorative accessories are crafted in keeping this year's convention at the forefront of their designs and are perfect for any collector's hoard of pop-culture goods.

Other conventions offer similar keepsakes, though C2E2 2022 adds a unique spin on what they consider merchandise to be. T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags are merely the beginning of what they offer to fans eager to pick up a souvenir (or two) during the event. Here are some must-have pieces of C2E2 2022 merchandise that can't be found anywhere else.

  1. The C2E2 Offical Hoodie prepares any out-of-towner (or local) who still isn't ready for the lakefront breeze, even in the depths of summer. This draw-string zip-up hoodie sports C2E2's signature red, black, and white with the acronym splashed across the front. A sharp panel design equipped with two front pockets is both functional and fashionable. Celebrate the ReedPop C2E2 spirit year-round while sporting this one-of-a-kind hooded jacket.

2. The C2E2 2022 Spirit Jersey honors the Chicago skyline that overlooks the McCormick Place - the official venue of the convention. Each jersey's sleeves are adorned with the four stars found on the Chicago flag and lead into the C2E2 logo. Logos are located on the front and the back of this maroon long-sleeve. This Spirit Jersey takes pride in its hometown of Chicago and insists that there's always room in the Windy City to celebrate popular culture. The incorporation of significant details related to the convention itself ensures that this long-sleeve is all the more personal.

3. Book Beau presents its exclusive tarot-card-inspired design for C2E2 2022. The Book Beau slips over any book and adds a sense of original flare. This tarot card book cover bears the Roman Numberals MMXXII, which translate into 2022. The Chicago skyline is swept up in the "windiness" that it known for, and the stars that dapple the city's flag are prominently featured. Beau Books' limited design honors the lakefront and accents often found on Chicago's Gothic architecture. Additionally, a deck of C2E2 2022 Tarot Cards that coordinate the book cover can be purchased.

4. C2E2 2022 is introducing Merit Badges - accessory badges that chronicle moments that may have happened at the convention. Every collectable badge is designed with a specific scenario in mind and is given a piece of custom art to illustrate each scene. Select Merit Badges include: Attended a Panel, Bought Art in Artist Alley, Forgot Something at the Hotel, Found a New Fandom, Gave Up & Sat on the Floor, Got Lost, Walked the Entire Exhibit Hall, and more. A variety of C2E2 Merit Badges suit any situation that convention-goers may find themselves in, and operate as conversation starters while walking the Exhibitor Hall.

The complete collection of C2E2 2022 merchandise can be found here and will be available for purchase at the Official Show Store itself. The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo resume on August 5th and runs until August 7th at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill. VIP Tickets, Family Packages, 3-Day Tickets, Single Day TIckets, and Digital Tickets are still available for purchase. Tickets can be purchased online or at participating in-person retailers.


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